Angie Barnard

Angie Barnard

The Network Hub Nanaimo

Angie is a die-hard for making it happen. It’s practically impossible to have a conversation with Angie without encountering about twelve things you could be doing to boost your business. Where others see constraints, Angie relishes in the glow of opportunity.

Angie is a visionary designer, builder and operator of events, infrastructure projects and experiences that have the capacity to bring the world to your doorstep and leave legacies in their wake.  Built up over 20 years, her portfolio of corporate & community events includes: the Alberta Winter Games, Perth International Arts Festival, Western Australia’s State Softball Showcase, Nanaimo EnVision Rally and most recently SOHO Nanaimo. Infrastructure project consulting & operations include the Western Australia State Sporting Facilities Plan (a breakthrough 10-year plan for public-private investment in national/international standard facilities for community, competition & events), Western Australia State Softball Complex, Painted Turtle Guesthouse, and most recently The Network Hub.   Creating impactful experiences for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and potential community investors is at the core of Angie’s passion & investments.

Angie currently serves on the British Columbia Small Business Roundtable, a Ministerial appointed advisory group to help identify the key issues and opportunities facing small businesses in British Columbia, and to develop recommendations for small business and government on strategies to enhance small business growth and success.

How to Connect

Connect in Person

Angie can often be caught using the expression “from surviving to thriving,” which is the inspiration behind her 2017+ pursuits – training for her next 50km trail ultra marathon personally, The Network Hub locally, and the co working, co living, coproducing partnership Thrive Junction globally.

Twitter: @AngBarnard

Connect in Business

Twitter: @NanaimoTNH @SOHOSummit


Opening Remarks & Thanks & Closing Address

As the co-producer of the inaugural SOHO Nanaimo Summit, Angie will acknowledge and thank the mountain of event contributors and will share her perspective on the value of investing in this event for Nanaimo.  Finally, anticipate hearing about her moonshot vision for our distinctive community of entrepreneurs and business owners and details about the SOHO Apres Mixer.