Ben McCulloch

Ben McCulloch

App Culture Corp

Ben McCulloch is a strategic, multidisciplinary entrepreneur with an eye for progressive business solutions.

He is the Founder of App Culture Corp & New Wave Advertising Group Inc. These dynamic businesses specialize in local app development, brand building, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, SEO, reputation management & more.

Ben is currently a Director on the Board of the Young Entrepreneurs Society of Victoria and loves to contribute to the success of businesses.

Ben will be focused on helping to build small to medium sized businesses to stay on the forefront of progressive development.

How to Connect

Connect In Person

Ben believe business happens “outside traditional settings” whether on the golf course, on a fishing boat, surfing in Tofino or snowboarding in the interior. Recently Ben has been sticking, a little closer to home, as he is a new father. You catch Ben Saturday mornings having coffee in Cook Street Village in Victoria, BC  – he may or may not be at Starbucks.

 Ben is a round table presenter and a 1-1 Expert Advisor at SOHO Nanaimo

Let your customers love you more!

It’s 7 times more cost effective to get customers that have experienced your business to come back than to get new customers through the door.

Customer retention and loyalty are essential parts of business and need to be grown. In this interactive workshop, we will show you what communication and retention methods leaders in the retail industry have tried, tested & proven, and how they are relevant to your business.

Find out why Starbucks and other industry giants increased revenues in the double digits last year and local revenues decreased. Apply some of these methods to dominate your industry and increase your business. Learn how to stay on the forefront of progressive advertising and find out whether or not an App is relevant or beneficial to your business.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Bring more people through your doors by improving your reputation online.
  • Strengthen the core of your business and expand it through customer loyalty
  • Understand and apply simple methods to give you higher SEO rankings (Without hiring a marketing agency).
  • Reduce advertising costs and increase revenues through A/B testing
  • Get the scoop on the “App Culture” and how it directly affects your business