Bob Embury

Bob Embury

Eclipse HR

Bob has sold over 75 million dollars of service and products. For the Nanaimo SOHO event Bob would like to share his sales story and some interesting sales hints about how to open sales channels and close sales.

When Bob started his first training company his focus was to use his experience managing a large company to  inspire people to achieve their potential.  More than 25 years and thousands of clients later, that mission remains the same – To inspire others to reach the unreachable.

Today EclipseHR is premier full services human resources solutions company.

On spectacular Vancouver Island we have a spectacular and talented team and developed  a series of executive courses and training programs that allow us to meet the unique needs and inspire executives, managers and frontline leaders.

Bob would describe himself as: as a proud father of three, amateur husband, biker and hiker, amateur cook, fine wine explorer, professional adventurer, published researcher, tortured author, traveller, fading golfer, aging hockey player, avid book reader, inspirational keynote speaker and a business owner with a vision. HOWEVER… a better judge… His wife of 22 years would describe him as a the guy that cleans the house, takes care of the lawn, he’s guy with a quick quip, a pro cook, her inspirational golf and hockey coach, a sometimes useful business consultant and on the good days… an encourager with a big heart. She almost certainly would lightly comment that  he has still got a lot to improve and could stand to lose a few pounds.

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One Minute to Higher Sales

We know that when leaders DO train their people in good sales techniques, not surprisingly… SALES GO UP … NEVER down and rarely stay status quo.

Sales training is an essential part of business success from the smallest mom and pop shop to the monster companies Google and Apple. If you are in business… it’s about SALES BABY!

In this inspirational workshop learn how YOU CAN BE THE TURNING POINT in massive sales improvement for yourself or others… one minute at a time.

This will be a fun but focused presentation where you will learn how to turn your sales leadership style into that of a sales guru. The session will teach you a series of important one minute sales techniques that you can use right now to train others or boost your own sales successes.

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Identify your sales leadership style
  • Integrate 5 x 1 minute sales techniques in your sales training immediately
  • Determine the 6 reasons why people buy (and don’t buy) from you
  • Uncover how to craft your “sales story” and the power of your sales story
  • Explore your own closing strategies
  • Evaluate your own sales techniques with new sales options