Bosco Anthony

Bosco Anthony


Bosco Anthony, an international keynote speaker and influencer in the business and digital community was born in Tanzania, East Africa and currently resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia.
A passionate digital and live storyteller, Bosco has spoken in 40 cities and has completed over 148 speaking engagements, including Digital Camp, Social Media Camp(3 years in a row), Social Media Week and received a standing ovation for his 2016 TedX Stanley Park talk on how to fuel your purpose and empower transformation. ( It is no surprise that brands like Merck, Tourism Vancouver Island and the Vancouver Whitecaps have all booked Bosco as their opening keynote speaker. He is quickly becoming a popular booking in the keynote circuit on the West Coast.
Known as a rebellious thinker and disruptive storyteller, Bosco has been recognized as an audience favourite at many speaking engagements and is often described as being dynamic, insightful, straightforward and entertaining. Bosco’s personal purpose is to leave people better than he found them.
With a background in corporate sales and marketing at Club Intrawest Bosco, made the inevitable transition to entrepreneur and formed his own boutique marketing agency Tribe 1. Specializing in digital content and marketing, social media strategies and consulting, Tribe 1, under the leadership of Bosco is quickly becoming known as one of Vancouver’s top digital marketing agencies whose purpose is to empower digital brands.
As an author, Bosco’s highly anticipated first book, Hustle will be available in mid 2017 and is a practical blue print with inspiring stories and engaging case studies, designed to get leaders, entrepreneurs and brands into action. In addition to his speaking engagements, writing and entrepreneurial endeavors, Bosco is also the founder and host of The Digital Dialogue an online TV show, where he facilitates creative conversation, to inspire and empower entrepreneurs.
Bosco is a passionate mentor who loves to share his wealth of business knowledge and life experience to help others achieve personal and professional success. He was recently featured in a documentary about young Africans making a global impact, and currently mentors various non-profit movements and global outreach programs. Bosco thrives in a collaborative playground and is known for being an influence to the business and digital community.

How to Connect

Connect in Person When he isn't speaking at a conference, travelling for work or conducting another digital strategy,  Bosco finds his balance walking, hiking or exploring the trails of North Vancouver. He is obsessed with his step count on his fit bit!

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Bosco is a speaker and a 1 on 1 Expert Advisor

The Vital Dimensions of a Digital Strategy

Digital strategy through contextual storytelling is rapidly changing how we market small business. The power of influence, reach, authority and distribution in turn promotes effective engagement, lead generation and conversion. Bosco Anthony will cover digital culture and strategy within a small business. This session will cover:

  • The key elements to a digital strategy for any personal brand or small business
  • Successful Viral and Social Media Case Studies
  • The future of social media and digital broadcasting
  • Easy to adopt and proven strategies for digital success