Deidre Tansey

Deidre Tansey

Ampersand Media

Just a small town girl …who loves working with people! First degree was earned from UVic in Education, majoring in Fine Arts. She wasn’t busy enough raising six children, she needed a challenge so an Interior Design company was formed that grew from a hobby into over 700 hundred clients both residential and commercial. This morphed into a beautiful storefront that included the design aspect and a floral company. The next venture was taking over a dance company and growing it into a musical theatre & dance academy.

Moving to Nanaimo in 2012 brought big changes. Deidre developed a food and lifestyle blog; Just A Pinch of Ginger which influenced her love of the power of social media. After a change in the family structure, she returned to school, attending VIU to study Marketing. Once again the passion for the power of social media came through! Immediately after graduation…Ampersand Media was born.

How to Connect 

Connect in Person 

When not glued to her computer at her home office, Deidre can be found walking her dog Finn on any of Nanaimo’s beaches, singing off key in her car while acting as chauffeur for her many offspring or enjoying an extra frothy cappuccino with the cool business people of Nanaimo in a variety of local coffee shops! This year she’s committed to completing her first half marathon on the day before her 48th birthday, so ideally you’ll see her out running too!

Connect in Business

Twitter: @Ampersand_D
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Building Connections Online & Off!

Although so much of Social Media has been labelled pay-to-play, there are still pockets of people who are making real connections in small business in local communities. What can small business owners do to encourage people to become brand advocates? Here are some real life examples of how using the concept of “a tipping point” and “everyday influencers” can change social media for small business, from something tiresome into something fun and exciting!

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Understand which social media platform(s) will work best for YOUR business & why!
  • Apply programs and apps that will make your digital marketing fun, interesting & a reflection of you & your brand!
  • Approach influencers with the intention of building relationships with people who value your product or service!
  • Laugh at yourself & relax a little…because perfection is overrated & life is too short not to have some fun while you learn!