Jennifer Leslie

Jennifer Leslie


Jennifer is a health promotion specialist with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Her background in Kinesiology, Dietetics and Business combine to form a healthy approach to performance excellence in life. In Toronto, her company, Tri Fit, created a successful model for helping corporations excel by using employee health programs to combat absenteeism and ramp up retention and productivity. A University of Toronto study documented the results which became the core opportunity for her successful company. She has coached executives and thousands of corporate employees to tap into that often over-looked business strategy...Personal Health, shaving millions off the bottom line. Jennifer also commandeered the successful Vancouver Hospital Employee Health Program leading thousands of health care workers to a more productive holistic lifestyle . In Nanaimo, Jennifer and her partner Kelli are co-owners of STIR, a nutrition education/ cooking company. They not only manage a myriad of healthy cooking instruction for all ages of would be chefs, they also offer workplace culinary team building cook-offs for local businesses. Jennifer works with athletes and individual clients on nutritious personal eating plans that pair with active lifestyles. A triathlete, marathoner and avid cyclist, Jennifer has discovered how proper fueling for activity can make or break your event. Jennifer truly believes the love of good food and moving your body are the keys to reaching your personal best! How to Connect Connect in Person You can find Jennifer hiking in the Lantzville foothills with her dog or road biking on the Nanaimo backroads! Connect in Business Facebook: Twitter: @stircookschool LinkedIn: Website:

The Energy Edge-Get It and Keep It!

Would you like to feel energized mid-afternoon instead of reaching for another coffee and doughnut? What if you could work smarter and be more productive on a daily basis?

You’s all about fueling and moving your body for success.

As a solopreneur or an entrepreneur you do it all right? The accounting, social media , writing, appointments, sales, books name it! What about an employee health program for your #1 employee? Do you deserve to be taken care of? Your productivity takes a hit when you are lethargic, sick or lack motivation.

You are your company’s most important asset. Studies indicate that proper nutrition and fitness can maximize your  productivity and give you the energy edge to be your personal best every day!

Learn about power-fuelling to keep energized on those long days plus the role of mini-movement breaks to send O2 to your busy brain. Practical strategies you can start implementing today.

Join Jennifer Leslie, entrepreneur, athlete and food fanatic for a fun interactive session and make the Energy Edge the top of your priority list for 2017.

By the end of the session attendees you will be able to:

  • Identify personal energy robbers
  • Shop and plan for nutritional powerhouses
  • Practice daily  physical energizers
  • Energize their own day with a personal plan