Jill Earthy

Jill Earthy


Jill Earthy is an entrepreneurially minded leader with a passion for supporting small business. She is the Chief Growth Officer of FrontFundr, an online platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors. Her previous roles include Regional Director for BC & Yukon of Futurpreneur Canada and CEO of the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. She holds an MBA and has successfully built and sold two small businesses. As a community leader and active mentor, Jill serves as a Director on the Board of Governors for Simon Fraser University (SFU), as Board Chair of the Women’s Enterprise Centre and as Co-Founder of the WEB Alliance, a collective of over 25 Women’s Business networks in the lower mainland of BC. She is well recognized for her work on the economic advancement of women and for supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Canada. She has received many awards and was most recently acknowledged as one of BC’s most influential women in business by BC Business magazine. How to Connect Connect in Person I am happy for people to reach out to me via linkedIn or directly by email.  I love chatting with people about how to connect with the right resources for their business, especially around capital.  My passion is collaboration and bringing the right people and resources together. Connect in Business Facebook: www.facebook.com/frontfundr1 LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/jillearthy Website: www.frontfundr.com Twitter: @jearthy and @FrontFundr  

Growth FUNding: a new era in Canadian business financing

What does the evolving financing landscape in Canada mean for your business growth? New regulations are opening up options to make fundraising more efficient as well as to engage a broader range of investors, including your customers and community.  Find out about the range of opportunities available to you as an entrepreneur seeking funding to grow your business. It is an exciting time to evolve your business! By the end of the session you will learn: 

  • insight on the evolution of business financing
  • what social equity financing is
  • to identify and access the right funding for your business
  • the new regulations in Canada create more funding options
You will walk away with: Ideas on how to tap social networks  that allow financing to be FUN and values-driven.  Insight on whether social equity financing is a good fit for your company. Communication tools to enrol investors - or become an investor, in a company you believe in.  Connections to take the next steps in your pursuit for growth financing.