Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower Strategic Storytelling

Strategic Storyteller Jordan Bower works with businesses, not-for-profits, startups and tourism organizations, helping them understand and apply the principles of narrative storytelling to improve the impact of their message. He leads corporate Storytelling Trainings, facilitates creative design through his Storytelling Consulting and speaks at marketing and HR events across North America. Jordan is remarkable for his listening skill, his empathetic approach and his passion for adventure — once, he walked by himself from Canada to Mexico. Jordan is based in Victoria.

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Connect in Person

Jordan plays competitive ultimate frisbee — he’s recently been named to Team Canada for the upcoming World Championships of Beach Ultimate in eastern France. These days, when he’s not working, he’s out running or in the gym working on his legs.

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Twitter: @jordan__bower

Crafting a Strategic Origin Story for Creative Nanaimo

Through SOHO, come together with your colleagues and craft an “origin story” for Creative Nanaimo. An origin story is a strategically constructed narrative that integrates facts and emotions to present a clear and compelling articulation of a collective WHY.

For Creative Nanaimo, uncovering the emotional core of where we’ve come from will make it easier for us to collectively articulate a unifying and motivating vision for the future of our community.

Our journey to an Origin Story will begin in two parts. First, join us at the SOHO Workshop Mixer on January 19th, when we’ll learn the nuts and bolts of constructing origin stories — insights that you can apply to humanize your own organizational narrative. We’ll deepen this conversation at SOHO, with an in-depth roundtable discussion that will be the next important step towards articulating our collective narrative. We want your perspective! Come join us for an engaging, enlivening and creative conversation about the future of our community!

By the end of the session you will be able to:
  • Identify what a Strategic Story is, how it functions and why it’s important
  • Develop a foundation for Creative Nanaimo’s strategic story
  • Test the effectiveness of that story by working collaboratively with your colleagues.