Kalon Goodrich

Kalon Goodrich


Kalon is a passionate champion for the little guy (and gal!).  He believes everyone deserves equal access and a level playing field in running a business and in life, regardless of background or bank balance.

After receiving a degree from Stanford University and an MBA, Kalon’s career spans working with and for big companies and small, as a small business owner and solopreneur. Along the way, he’s experienced and observed the joys and challenges that small business owners do, especially as they juggle many hats and compete with bigger players.

With LegalShield now for 9 years, Kalon applies his diverse background to helping people have unlimited access to innovative legal resources and top firms, in a way that empowers us in our life and business to be preventive and proactive rather than reactive and defensive (which can be expensive!).

Having traveled to 51 countries (so far), Kalon loves living in Nanaimo, and is active in the community as a Rotarian and Chamber Ambassador.

How to Connect

Connect in Person

When he’s not hiking the trails of Vancouver Island or sailing the Strait, catch him at a networking event or coffee shop.  Be sure to ask him about his latest (or next) travel adventure – then share yours!

Connect in Business

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kalongoodrich.legalshield and www.facebook.com/LegalShieldIndependentAssociateKalonGoodrich/
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/kalon-goodrich-6a13443a
Website: www.kalongoodrich.com
YouTube: https://youtu.be/d5AGvVsXdSA

Kalon is a roundtable presenter and a 1-1 Expert Advisor for SOHO Nanaimo

21st Century Legal Empowerment: Turning Fear Into Confidence

Does the mere mention of legal issues bring up images of complexity, pain and cost?

Does your legal strategy include crossing fingers (and toes)?

You’re not alone!

Fortunately, the world is changing, and 21st century resources and technologies are finally putting the information we need at our fingertips to better protect our families and businesses.

In this highly interactive workshop we will discuss:

  • The most common legal situations that arise in business and life (so that you can anticipate, or better yet, avoid them)
  • Key challenges for small business owners in getting the help they need
  • The trends for democratization of legal services, bringing equal access to all
  • Resources for conveniently and affordably connecting with lawyers, now and in the future

You will walk away with:

  • Awareness of key pitfalls to avoid
  • Resources, like a mobile app-based library of legally binding agreements (business startup, employees, confidentiality, graphic design, buy/sell, rent, photography, freelance, wedding, loans, musician, etc.).
  • Tools for incorporating a company and getting all necessary legal advice around that
  • Confidence, that comes from knowing how to live and do business on the front foot